The National Socialist Celebration of May Day

News For The Blind

May Day has become known primarily as a Communist holiday, divorced from the meaning it held for our ancestors when it was celebrated as Beltane. The Communists appropriated what had always been a holy day of the European people, a sacred day on which they did not labor, and turned it into a materialistic, secular holiday, devoid of any real meaning. The National Socialists, instead of banning May Day, instead embraced, celebrating the hard-working laborers in the worker’s Reich.

22013-May_Day_Nazi_ChildrenBy organizing May Day celebrations, starting right after coming to power in 1933, the Reich was able to gain support from the “salt of the earth” in Germany, championing their cause. There were fireworks, an air show in Berlin, with songs that praised labor going out over the airwaves all day, and of course, Hitler’s speeches that honored the German worker as being a great patriot and the backbone of the nation. Berliner Morgenpost had been an…

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Goebbels’ Introduction to Hitler’s 1933 Proclamation to the German Nation

News For The Blind

This speech was given by Goebbels right before Hitler’s Proclamation to the German Nation, delivered at the Sportpalast in Berlin, Germany – February 10, 1933. This was less than two weeks after Hitler became Chancellor. The video of this speech follows the transcript.

My national comrades!

Before the meeting begins I would just like to take notice of a few articles from the Berlin press which assert that I shouldn’t be allowed to broadcast over the German radio, since I’m too insignificant, too small, and too much of a habitual liar to address the whole world.

This evening you are eyewitnesses to a mass occurrence which in this size in Germany and probably throughout the world has never before taken place.

I don’t think it’s saying too much to claim that tonight at least 20 million people in Germany and across the German frontier will be listening to…

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In Memory of May 1st, 1945

Remember The 14 Words

Great Eagle, fold your wings awhile
And turn away your eyes;
In smoke and thunder, flame and blood
Your Best and Highest dies;
And all His happy Land,
His great emprise,
A shattered wreck of ugly ruin lies.

Great Eagle, flee a little while
To some far lonely height.
There shall you watch and wait …
Your land is sunk in night:
All, all those cities bright
In ruins far and wide torment the night.

Oh Eagle, did you hear that shout,
That thundered triple roar?
Its clamourous echoes smote the earth
And rolled from shore to shore;
And all the glorious Dead,
Who fealty swore,
Received Him home; His earthly flight is o’er.

His fight, that made the nations shake,
And hearts and pulses leap,
Is over now. He rests. But we
Are sunk in anguish deep.
He rests,—at last. No dreams
Torture His sleep,
While grave-eyed Angel-guards their watches keep.

Great Eagle, that He worked to save,
And fought to guard,—and died,
Flee from this piteous German wreck,
In some far corner hide,
Until the…

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The National-Socialist Way of Life

卐 Nationalsozialistische Umerziehung 卐 (National-Socialist Reeducation)

By Dr. Walter Groß, director of the Racial Policy Office of the NSDAP

National-Socialism as a political movement will have reached its goal when the Reich has ultimately secured its proper position among other nations. National-Socialism as a Weltanschauung [worldview] will only have completed its historical mission when it prevails among all classes in Germany and thus unites the nation in a new character. The political realization of National-Socialism will have been reached in a powerful Reich and a new order of living space. The National-Socialist Weltanschauung, however has to materialize in the attitude and lifestyles of our nation and its inhabitants.

In National-Socialist Germany, life will be very different from what it used to be while many eternal values of our historical past will remain valid for the future as well. In some fields however, the prevailing attitude of German life will have to be significantly different from traditional…

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